Architectural Award Building-Integrated Solar Technology 2020

Architectural Award Building-Integrated Solar Technology 2020

This year the „Architectural Award Building-Integrated Solar Technology“ was organised for the eighth time since its establishment in summer 2000. Over a period of two decades the Bavarian Association for the Promotion of Solar Energy has therefore successfully established one of the very few international competitions at the interface between architecture and solar energy.

Evaluation criteria include architectural aspects such as the holistic design concept, integration of solar technology into the building envelope, as well as the design quality and functionality of the building and solar power system. In addition to their yield and efficiency, the innovativeness of the design concept and structure is also taken into account. Finally, the intention is also to acknowledge how the solar power systems are publicly communicated as symbols and mediators of sustainable energy provision.

1. Prize

Lycée Technique pour Professions de Santé, Ettelbrück (LU)
Fabeck Architectes, Koerich (LU)

Lycée Technique pour Professions de Santé (Photo: Christian Aschman)

2. Prizes

Solaris, Zurich (CH)
huggenbergerfries Architekten, Zurich (CH)
Ertex Solar, Amstetten (AT)

Solaris (Photo: Beat Bühler)

Tribunal de Paris (FR)
Renzo Piano Building Workshop (Paris)

Tribunal de Paris (RPBW, Photo: Maxime Laurent)

Refurbishment St. Wunibald, Georgensgmünd (DE)
Ing. Büro Wunram, Georgensgmünd (DE)

St. Wunibald (Photo: Solarwatt)

powerHYDE, Mathjalgaon (IN)
billion bricks + Architecture BRIO, Mumbai (IN)

powerHYDE (Photo: billionBricks)

Honorable Mentions

Schlössli, Wohlen (CH)
Megasol Energie, Deitingen (CH)

Schlössli (Photo: Megasol)

Ice Rink Sportpark Bünzmatt, Wohlen (CH)
phalt Architekten, Zurich (CH)
Planeco, Münchenstein (CH)

Sportpark Bünzmatt (Photo: Roger Frei)

Saxum Vineyard Equipment Barn, Paso Robles (US)
Clayton Korte Architects, San Antonio (US)

Saxum Vineyard Equipment Barn (Photo: Casey Dunn)

VIVA bike shelter, Liestal (CH)
Antonio Stefanneli Architektur, Pratteln (CH)

VIVA bike shelter (Photo: Antonio Stefanelli Architektur)

Solar folding roof HORIZON, Jakobsbad-Kronberg (CH)
dhp technology, Zizers (CH)

Solar folding roof HORIZON (Photo: dhp)

Student Award

Communal Power Plant, Puertollano (ES)
Klara Jörg, Universität der angewandten Kunst Wien (AT)

Communal Power Plant Puertollano (Picture: Klara Jörg)

Please find here the the full documentation of the competition as pdf to download:

Please find here the results of the 2017 edition of our award as pdf for downloading:

About us

The Bavarian Association for the Promotion of Solar Energy (in german: Solarenergieförderverein Bayern) is a non profit organisation, which promotes renewable energies. We finance our activities with the electricity revenues of our former share in the 1 MW pv plant at the Munich Trade Fair Centre. We support the further proliferation and development of solar energy-based technologies in the interest of environmental protection and a sustainable future.

In November 1997, what was at the time the world’s largest photovoltaic rooftop system was put into operation at the Munich Trade Fair Centre. With a peak output of 1,016 kilowatts, the Messe München solar roof supplies the power grid with 1 million kilowatt hours annually. At that time, a photovoltaic system with an installed capacity of 1 megawatt (MW) was still something unusual. The system thus received an appropriate amount of attention by professional circles and the public. But the main initiators of the solar roof – energy supplier Bayernwerk together with Siemens – went a step further in the development of renewable energy: They wanted the electricity revenues from the system to be used to promote such energy. Therefore, they transferred their shares in the plant to an association that was set up just for this reason: the Bavarian Association for the Promotion of Solar Energy, in german: Solarenergieförderverein Bayern – SeV. The remaining shares were owned by the Munich municipal utilities company.

The initial meeting of the society took place on September 30, 1997; here, it was established that its primary purpose would be the promotion of solar and other renewable energies. Due to its share of 85.8 percent of the solar roof, the association profits for 20 years from electricity revenues – operating and other investment costs are deducted by the operating company of the plant.

With this money, the non-profit association provides a remarkable contribution to the further development and market introduction of renewable energy. More than €4 million have been spent for this purpose and more than 200 projects have been sponsored. The range of funded projects extends from brochures, studies and workshops to responding to inquiries from the press and the public, lectures and participation in trade fairs to educational activities, the support of innovative ideas and advice to consumers.

The association’s organs are the General Assembly and the Board. The Board consists of a chairman and a deputy. A treasurer takes care of financial matters.