Architecture Award Building-Integrated Solar Technology 2024

Call for Entries –
open to projects from all over the world

  • All architects, owners/operators and solar technology companies with at least one solar power system are entitled to enter – whether the solar system is for private, commercial, industrial or public purposes.
  • Only systems that form a substantial part of the building will be taken into consideration. Entries from previous editions of the competition will be excluded.
  • The system must produce a suitable amount of solar powered thermal and/or electrical energy, and this must be illustrated. The system must have gone into operation, i.e. supplied the first provable energy, within the period from 1st January 2020 to 31st July 2024.
  • The owner/operator shall allow the publication of all submitted photos, architectural drawings and data for the system. All images must be free of copyright and be available for publication by the organiser (Print, Internet, Exhibition) without payment of royalties.
  • The competition organisers shall assume ownership of the submitted work. There is no return possible. Copyright remains with the author.
  • In order to participate, we ask you to submit registration applications.

Necessary information to participate:

  • Applicant (with full address)
  • Architect (with full address)
  • Architect’s consent to the entry requirements
  • Owner/operator (with full address)
  • Owner/operator’s consent to the entry requirements
  • If applicable, partner offices/specialist designers/staff
  • Project description
  • Location of the system (full address)
  • System components and detailed description of the solar system
  • Type of installation with technical details of the building integration
  • Total output (electrical/thermal) and yearly energy yield
  • Amount of production of the building‘s energy by the solar system and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions
  • Completion and commissioning date
  • Costs of the solar system
  • Description of the building integration

    At least 5 images of the project are required in print quality (300 dpi resolution with a width of at least 20 cm): a long shot of the entire building, a long shot of the solar power system, a close-up view of the solar power system, details as well as design documents and structural drawings.

    You can provide your material as loose sheets. We design the posters for the jury standardized for all participants.

    On registering to take part in the competition, all entrants agree to accept the competition requirements. On entering, the participants cede to the competition organiser, free of charge, the usage and exploitation rights for publications in connection with the competition. Entrants consent
    to having their data stored and documents published.

We are looking happily forward to your application.

In case of any questions, please contact us.